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Discovering Adelaide
Running time 84 minutes

A first class tour of not only one of Australia's most beautiful cities but one that is rated among the top ten most liveable cities in the world.
The one square mile which is the inner city was laid out on a grid pattern under instructions given by the King's Surveyor General, Colonel William Light.
Squares and colorful gardens surround the city complimented by a wide green belt containing tall trees and playing fields. Adelaide is renown for its friendly people, tree lined boulevards and magnificent examples of Gothic style architecture. This bike friendly city also hosts the largest undercover market in the country attracting thousands of locals and tourists every week. Tram travel and bike hire is completely free within the city limits. Adelaide is one of Australia's top tourist destinations for the time conscious traveler and it's easy to see why.
Let's Go Caravanning
Running time 62 minutes
Driving and Towing to Stay Alive
Running time 40 minutes
Touring Kangaroo Island
Running time 60 minutes
Touring the Grampians
Running time 42 minutes
No other film makers are more qualified to present to you a technical DVD on caravanning than the producers. Their knowledge has been called upon by many of this countries largest and most successful industry related manufacturers for caravan shows all over Australia. Driving a motor vehicle is generally a personal and pleasurable experience. It is also filled with so much emotion that every motorist is firmly convinced that they drive in a completely confident and safe manner. Yet the perfect driver, the person that drives smoothly, safely and methodically, simply does not exist.
This DVD is designed to provide you with practical information that, hopefully will enable you to see the task of driving and towing in a completely different light and therefore help you to become a better and more importantly, a much safer driver.

Kangaroo Island is not only Australia's third largest Island but more importantly it can be rightly claimed the first settlement in South Australia. This DVD takes the viewer on a tour of the whole island covering a range of attractions that are both informative and entertaining including some of the islands early colonial history. Someone once said that you shouldn't judge mountain ranges by comparison, but rather walk amongst them and let them speak for themselves. Situated 260 km west of Melbourne and 460 km east of Adelaide on the Western Highway, the Grampians are one of Victoria's most popular tourist destinations.
Touring Australia's Outback (Adelaide to Darwin)
Running time 90 minutes
Touring the Kimberley (Bungles to Broom)
Running time 60 minutes
Touring Australia's Southern Coast (Adelaide to Perth)
Running time 80 minutes
Discover the Flinders Ranges
Running time 58 minutes
Come with us as we travel the Stuart Highway exploring the great Australian Outback from Adelaide to Darwin. Continuing on where Touring the Outback left off, Touring the Kimberley takes the viewer 1,2023 km from the town of Kununurra, along the Great Northern Highway to the pearling coast of Broom.

Port Augusta at the top of Gulf St. Vincent is our first destination, then taking the long way round we follow the Eyre Highway to Port Lincoln then from here to Ceduna and across the Nullarbor to the city of Perth. Let our narrator take you on a road to adventure through the north of South Australia to an area known as one of the world's great geological monuments.
Australia's Inland Loop
Running time 93 minutes
Melbourne to Adelaide (via the Great Ocean Road)
Running time 125 minutes
Discover the Nullarbor
Running time 42 minutes
Birdsville Track and Beyond
Running time 57 minutes
The Australian Outback is described as one of the most inhospitable yet stunningly beautiful places on earth. Warnings regarding remote inland travel is something not to be taken lightly, but this didn't deter the enthusiasm of one intrepid group. Our travelers had very little 4 wheel driving experience but one common dream that held them together of one day travelling through the very heart of Australia. After exploring the cosmopolitan city of Melbourne our route takes the viewer through the Mornington Peninsula to the seas side town of Sorrento. From here it's a short ferry ride to historic Queenscliff. After visiting nearby Gelong, we join the Great Ocean Road that winds its way through Torquay, Anglesea, Aireys Inlet, Lorne, Apollo Bay, Port Campbell, Warnambool, Port Fairy and Portland finishing in the City of Adelaide.

Our story teller unlocks the secrets of this timeless land to reveal the fragile beauty of this area. We explore by raft one of the largest crystal clear sub-terranian lakes in Australia. Intricate knowledge is shared surrounding Aboriginal dreamtime myths and legends. Ice age rock art is uncovered deep inside the earth. Back in the 1800s the courage and determination of the pioneering stockmen in Australia is now an important part of their history. They thought very little of droving cattle in their thousands from northern Queensland to the sale yards in the south. This harsh unforgiving land is where cattle have died en route and stockman have sometimes died along with them.
Touring Across the Top. (Brisbane to Darwin)
Running time 75 minutes
Quest of the HMS Buffalo - South Australian Colonial History
Running time 45 minutes
The Grand Masters - Ancient Martial Arts
Running time 50 minutes
The Cockle Train - Australia's first public Railway
Running time 45 minutes
This DVD Follows the adventures of three couples with a common interest of exploring the far northern reaches of Australia. Starting on the east coast in the sub tropical and vibrant city of Brisbane, they trek across the Australian continent finishing in the cosmopolitan and modern city of Darwin. In 1836 it carried the first governor and settlers to establish the colony of South Australia. Where did it come from? What did it do? Where did it end it's life? This film by South Australian film maker Brian Grant, tells the story of this historic ship from its building in 1813, to its purchase by the British Admiralty for a store ship during the Napoleonic wars.

Recorded live during the world's first International ancient martial arts and cultural exhibition in Australia in 1988. This DVD contains some of the most unique vision of ancient martial arts ever recorded. Eighteen arts are represented with descriptions on their history and development. Come with us on a memorable journey aboard the Goolwa to Victor Harbor Cockle Train. Discover the developments of Australia's first public rail line and the fascinating link with Goolwa's bustling river trade.
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